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The Applied Linguistics Rationale for this Site (In English)

Creating an On-line Writing Course

Department of Foreign Language Research and Education
Information Media Center, Hiroshima University

The ability to write well in English is a highly-valued skill these days. Japanese often find that they need to be good writers of English for success in graduate school studies, or for daily work in internationally-oriented companies and government jobs. E-mail has amazingly become a primary means of interpersonal communication in the 21st century. Even in relation to English education itself, writing is a highly effective means for converting receptive vocabulary ability into productive vocabulary ability (Corson, 1997; Laufer, 1998).

With the aid of a grant from the Japanese Ministry of Education, foreign language instructors at Hiroshima University’s Information Media Center are currently putting a no-fee writing course on line. These materials are designed to help Japanese young adults become better writers of English. The Internet site, which is constantly being revised and improved, can be viewed at the following address:

The main purpose of this paper is to explain the applied linguistics rationale for the materials which are being created. Readers of this paper are encouraged to give feedback at the Internet site.


The On-line Writing Materials and Applied Linguistics Background

I. Basic Level

II. Intermediate Level: For doing specific tasks

III. Advanced Level

A Pilot Study

Results and Discussion