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Applying to Study Abroad


This section contains:
1) An explanation of how to write a letter to a foreign school, requesting information.
2) How to fill out an application to study abroad.

I. Writing a letter to a foreign school, requesting information.

There are at least two reasons why you might want to write to a foreign school. First, you might want to ask for more information about a certain program that you have read about. Or, you might want to ask if the school has an English program for foreign students.

In either case, this letter has the following form:

1) Make the request in the first sentence (because you are a customer)!
2) Tell them when you want to study there.
3) Tell them a little about yourself.
4) Ask for other information such as housing and food expenses.
5) Thank them.


II. Filling Out An Application to Study Abroad


English Language Center Application Form
And Financial Certification

Print out this form, complete it, and mail it to the following address.

Admissions Secretary
English Language Center
Michigan State University
I International Center
East Lansing, MI 48824-1035

Telephone: 517-432-1149

This Application is for: Month Year

If the English Language Center has already closed admissions for the session (check A or B):

A. Please hold my application and deposit until the next session in which there are openings. I could attend Month Year

B. Please return my application and deposit as soon as possible.

Family Name

First Name

Other Names

Male  Female

Date of Birth

Native language

Country of Birth

Country of Citizenship

Permanent Home Address

Current mailing Address

Persons Accompanying you to the United States:


Spouse’s Name


Please provide the following information for each child as it appears in their passport:
Family Name
First Name
Country of Birth
Date of Birth
Age Country of Citizenship


in a student residence hall

An apartment in married student housing
Do you smoke? No Yes



Year Graduated


Years attended

Year graduated

After completing my studies at the English Language Center,

I plan to:

Return to my country

Enter an American university

Name of University


Major field of study

Have you been granted admission?

Please notify the ELC Office if you are in need of handicapper services.