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Writing Informal Letters and E-mail

This section contains:
1) A list of expressions used in e-mail
   Turning Down an Invitationインターネット ショッピングE-mailの終わり
2) Example e-mails

Letters to friends are EASY to write in English, because there are virtually no rules of organization. The only important rule is to use good grammar!

A List of Expressions Used in E-mail

Below are expressions which can be used both in e-mails and in “snail mail” letters. Expressions listed early in each group tend to be more casual, while those listed later in a group tend to be more formal. In any particular e-mail, avoid using more than two expressions from a particular category. Try to use expressions which you are relatively certain are socially appropriate for a particular occasion.

Notice that in e-mail, in contrast to snail-mail, people often skip a line instead of indenting to show a new idea with a new paragraph.

Click on an expression to see how it’s used in REAL e-mails!
(Only the names of people have been changed.)


Hi (name)!

1, 6, 9, 14, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26

Hi there, (name)


How are you? 4, 11
How’s everything going? 23
How have you been?  
It was so nice to hear from you. 27
So nice to hear from you. 30
I was glad to hear from you. 28
It’s always nice to hear from you. 1
I hope you are doing fine. 7
I hope things are going well with you these days. 26
Hope you are well. 2, 9
Long time no see. 3
Hope all's well in your world! 3
Hi everyone! (to more than two people) 5, 21
What’s new?  
Are you keeping warm/cool these days?  
Dear (name), 2, 7, 10, 11, 15, 16, 19, 27


Say hi to (third person’s name) for me.


(Name) says “hi.”


Send my regards to (third person’s name).  
Give my regards to (third person’s name).  


Good luck on (your test).


Good luck with this!


Wishing you the best.  
I wish you the very best. 30
I’m sure you’ll do well.  
I have confidence that you can… 30
You will also do very well. 30
Study hard. 30
I’ll be thinking about you.  
Let me know how it goes.  
Let's hope it will come out! 6


I heard you…


(Third person’s name) told me that you…

Way to go!  
That’s great news!
Congratulations on passing the test!  

I’m happy to hear that you got the job!



What do you think?


How does that sound?


What do you recommend I do?  
Would you have any ideas about what I should do?  
I was wondering if you could give me some advice.


I have no information… Do you?


Please let me know.

2, 7, 15, 21, 23

Please tell me more about it! 19


You should…


Maybe you ought to…

Why not…?  
If I were you, I'd…  




Can you…?


Would you… 9
Could you please…? 2, 4
Could I ask a favor of you?  
Would you mind…?  
Would you be able to…?  
I was wondering if … 3, 4, 23
If it’s not too much trouble, could you…?  
If you don't mind, would you… 10
I would like to request that… 22
Would it be too much to ask you to… 9
I would appreciate it very much if you would… 11


Thanks a lot!


Thank you kindly.


It was great meeting you this week! 24
I really like the (N).  
Thank you for (N) 6, 16, 18, 20, 25
Thanks for (v-ing) 13
It was very kind of you to…  
Thank you in advance. 11


Hang in there!


Keep your spirits up!

I'm so sorry to hear about (N).  
I was sorry to hear that…(S)  


Sorry to let you down.


Sorry to trouble you.

Sorry about this short notice.  
First, I have to apologize for… 12
I’m afraid I can’t (VP)  
I'm sorry, but I won't be able to…  
I feel guilty about…  
Let's try to get together in the near future.  


We are going to have (N)


We hope you…


How about… 8, 15, 21
Would you be interested in?  
Are you interested? 23
Would a Sunday be convenient for you? 21
Come visit us 20
I was wondering if you would like to…  
I was wondering whether you… 17
I would like to invite you to… 22
Reply ASAP by e-mail, or call me at home.  
If you have some free time… 1
Why not… 1
Let’s… 1

Turning Down an Invitation

As kind and inviting as your suggestion is, I regret that I have to decline at this time. 


インターネット ショッピング

Dear Sirs,

Dear (company name)  
I visited your home page.  
I would like to…  
I placed an order for…  
Please let me know about…  
Please could you check on this as soon as possible?  


See ya.

See you Saturday, 14
Take care! 18, 25, 27, 30
Stay in touch. 27
Bye for now. 3
All the best 3, 8
See you later, (other person’s name).  
Hope to see you soon again. 9
That's all for now. 6
I hope you all have a great weekend!   (to more than two people) 5
Love, (your name) 5, 20, 24, 25
I’ll send e-mail again soon. 24
I'll contact you later… 26
Looking forward to… 13
Looking forward to hearing from you. 22
You will always be a welcome visitor in our home. 29
Best regards, (your name) 2, 10, 11
Kind regards, 15
Best wishes, 4, 9
Bye now, 16
Enjoy studying… 28
Keep cool! 23
Sincerely, (your name) 1, 7, 26
Sincerely yours, (your name) 12, 19