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1. 履歴書の作り方
2. 履歴書の例
3. 自分の履歴書を作ってみよう


1)            パソコンを使って自分の履歴書を作ってみよう。最近は履歴書を郵便で送るより、e-mailを使って雇用者に送る方がよい。又、インターネット上で履歴書を載せるサイトがあり、雇用者自身が見つけだすことも出来る。

2)            履歴書はなるべく単純に。すべてをA4用紙一枚にまとめることが重要である。雇用者は一枚以上もある履歴書を読みたくないだろう。

3)            履歴書をこのような分野に分けよう:目標、学歴、仕事経験、専門的分野、資格、問い合わせ。

4)            アメリカ式かイギリス式? アメリカ式の履歴書は最近の行動を最初に持ってくる。だがイギリス式の場合年代順に書くのが一般的である。

5)            明確な言葉を使おう。あいまいな表現をするのは避けよう。例えば、“経営と教育の分野を担当していた”よりも、“エンジニア達のチーム監督を務めた”の方がはっきりしている。自分の過去の経験、学歴、専門的分野などを説明しよう。自分の業界に適した専門用語を使うのも忘れずに。自分の特徴や業界に対する気持ちを伝えよう。そして、自分が使用するコンピューターソフトウェアも書いておこう。例:Microsoft Word.

6)            自分がどのように会社に影響を与えるか伝えよう。

7)            正直に書こう。








Curriculum Vitae

Full Name: Michihiro Tanaka    Birth: October 29, 1983
Sex: Male                Present Address: Apt. 10,
                      Minaga Haitsu, Saijo-cho
Nationality: Japanese         Higashi Hiroshima City, 739-1741
Phone: 090-1844-3825
Marital Status: Single

April 2002-Present--Hiroshima University, Faculity of Education, Major: Music.
April 1999-March 2002--Tanegashima High School, Grade Point Average: 3.7.

Work Experience: None.

Other Achievements:
  Captain of High School Wind Ensemble Club.

  Prof. Shin Nakayama, Hiroshima University,
    Higashihiroshima-city Hachihinmatu Hara, 0824-29-2288
  Mr. Katsutoshi Suzuki,UtsunomiyaHigh School,
    Nishinoomote-city Nishinoomote, 09972-3-3331

My Goal:
  I would like to be a music teacher.



          Curriculum Vitae
Full Name: Ray Barber          Birth: April 30, 1957
Sex: Male                   Present Address: 354-226
Nationality: United States        Shimominaga, Saijo-cho
Phone: Japan (0824) 26-1502     Higashi Hiroshima, Japan, 739
USA (414) 963-9319           Family: Wife and 5-year old son

July 1987: Master of Arts-- Applied English Linguistics/ Teaching English
  as a Second Language, University of Wisconsin.
September 1982: Successfully completed an 8-week course in Teaching
  English as a Foreign Language, United States Peace Corps, Morocco.
June 1979: Bachelor of Science-- Journalism/ Political Science,
  University of Wisconsin- River Falls.

Teaching Career:
April 1994- Present: Full-time English Instructor, Hiroshima University.
September 1987- April 1994: Full-time English Instructor, Ritsumeikan
  University, Kyoto, Japan. (Final 6 months only, part-time teacher.)
June 1987- August 1987: English Instructor, University of Wisconsin,
November 1984- January 1986: Full-time English Instructor, Oyama
  English School, Oyama City, Tochigi-ken, Japan.
July 1984- November 1984: Junior High School Full-time English
  Instructor, American Bilingual Center, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
September 1982- July 1984: High School Full-time English Instructor,
  United States Peace Corps, Rabat, Morocco.
February 1981- May 1981: Substitute English Instructor, Milwaukee Area
  Technical College.

Most Important Publications: (There are several others not cited here.)
The Daily Lives of Americans and Japanese. 1995. Nan'un-do Publ. Tokyo.
Readings for TOEFL and Other Purposes. 1995. Kinsei-do. Tokyo.
The United States: Now and in the Future. 1993. Nan'un-do Publ. Tokyo.
The TOEFL and How to Improve Your Score. 1994. Studies in Culture
and the Humanities.
Hiroshima University. Vol. 3. pp. 199-209.

Professor Jane Foster: University of Wisconsin. Phone: 01-425-1111.
Scott Wikgrem (Boss in Peace Corps): e-mail: Wikgrem@yahoo.com



Andrew Foster
105 Cheriton Road
Dorset DY4 4HQ

Telephone: Dorchester (0305) 69542

Date of Birth: January 15th, 1948

GCE ‘O’ level examinations (June 1965) : English Language (3); English
Literature (4); Mathematics (5); Combined Science (6); History (1);
Geography (1); (December 1966): French (5).
GCE ‘A’ level examinations (June 1967): History (8); Economics (E);
Geography (B).

2nd Class Honors Degree in Psychology (B.Sc.) from Hull University (1971)
Diploma in Music (Dartington Hall, 1976)
Post-Graduate Certificate of Education in Primary Teaching (1978)

Other Achievements
Captain of School Swimming Team (1966-67); School Basketball Team;
School Debating team; School Debating Vice-Captain (1967); University
Basketball Team; President of University Arts Society (1970); President
of Student Union, Dartington Hall (1976-76); Grade 8 — Piano; Grade 6 —

1964-1967 Part-time work weekends/holidays furniture removal
1966-1969 Christmas work for post office
9/67 to 4/68 Salesman, Little Foxes Record Shop, Fulham, London
9/71 to 10/72 Salesman, HMV Record Shop, London
10/72 to 7/74 Junior Officer, Arts Council, London (with responsibility for music projects)
10/76 to 6/77 Paid sabbatical president, students union, Dartington Hall
9/78 to 7/81 Teacher, Feniton Primary School, Devon (responsibility for music)
9/81 to 4/83 Teacher, scale 2, Grove Middle School, Dorchester (responsibility for music and language policy)
4/83 Self-employed harpsichord constructor

Interests & Activities
Playing the piano and harpsichord; playing renaissance music on authentic
instruments; instrument making, particularly keyboard instruments; chess;
European literature and philosophy; psychology; hill walking; horticulture;
active member of Ecology Party.

Married 1979
Two children, born 1981 and 1982

Dr Bryan Tunniwell, Dartington Hall, Devon College. E-mail: ggg@hotmail.com
Mr. Richard Raine, Headmaster, Grove Middle School, Dorchester, Dorset. Phone: 02-333-3333